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Bood Vessel Publications

High-speed on-demand 3D printed bioresorbable vascular scaffolds. H.O.T. Ware, A.C. Farsheed, B. Akar, C. Duan, X. Chen, G.A. Ameer and C. Sun. Mater. Today Chem. 2018, 7, pp 25-34.

Vascular scaffolds with enhanced antioxidant activity inhibit graft calcification. B. Jiang, R. Suen, J.J. Wang, Z.J. Zhang, J.A. Wertheim and G.A. Ameer. Biomaterials 2017, 144, pp 166-175

A novel biphasic elastomeric scaffold for small-diameter blood vessel tissue engineering. J. Yang, D. Motlagh, A. Webb and G.A. Ameer. Tissue Eng. 2005, 11, pp 1876-1886

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