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Learn about upcoming and past events supported by the Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering.

Upcoming Events

CARE affiliated faculty member, Evan Scott, serves as co-chair for this year's Rock Stars of Regenerative Engineering - Chicago, presented by the Regenerative Engineering Soceity of AIChE, and virtually collocated with the 2021 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Invited speakers:

Kaitlyn Sadtler, NIH/NIBIB

Ashley Brown, NC-St/UNC

Lola Eniola-Adefeso, University of Michigan

2021 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting & Exposition

Biomaterials Research: Hitting all the right notes, and avoiding the translational blues

APRIL 21 - 24, 2021

Hilton Chicago, IL

The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering is a Bronze Sponsor for this year's Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting & Exposition.

This year’s program will focus on research that has direct patient impact and will expand the traditional definition of biomaterials to address challenges related to the development, manufacturing, and use of PPE. We hope to realize the vision for this meeting: Biomaterials Research: Hitting all the right notes, and avoiding the translational blues.

From exploring the latest innovations in regenerative devices, 3D Printing, drug-eluting stents, osteointegration of implants to the examination of materials concerns in the development of PPE, and the issues around translating research to clinical practice, the SFB 2021 Annual Meeting promises to be a unique inspiring event.

Society for Biomaterials: 2021 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Past Events

Dr. Min Zhao

Electrical Field Effects on Wound Healing --guiding cells and intracellular signaling

Wednesday, DEC 2nd, 2020

 Injury breaks down epithelial barriers, resulting in fluxes of ions into and out of damaged tissues, organs, and whole organisms, producing electric currents and electric fields at the wound site. Although such wound electric currents were discovered nearly two centuries ago, a possible role for such electric fields in wound healing was slow to be recognized. Research in recent decades provided evidence suggesting a powerful role for electric fields in guiding cell migration and intracellular signaling during wound healing. I will present experimental results showing 1) electric fields at wounds; 2) effects of electric fields on cells/tissues and intracellular signaling; and 3) epithelial wound healing. I hope the electrical mechanisms can be exploited by fast advancing bioelectronics to facilitate wound healing and regeneration.

Min Zhao

 Min Zhao’s Lab aims to understand the mechanism of how electric fields that naturally occur at wounds regulate wound healing, and to exploit this mechanism to facilitate wound healing. Min Zhao graduated from the Third Military Medical University in China and obtained his PhD with Professor Zhengguo Wang in trauma pathology. He moved to London and was trained under Geoff Burnstock at University College London. He then moved to the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and worked with Professors John Forrester and Colin McCaig. He established his own lab in 1999 with a prestigious Wellcome Trust University Award. He was selected to present at the House of Commons of the UK as one of the top young Scientists in 2001. He was promoted to full professor in Regenerative Medicine, and honorary consultant in Ophthalmology with Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 2004. He and his lab moved to University of California Davis in 2007. He is a professor with Dept. of Ophthalmology and Vision Science, and Department of Dermatology. He serves on various review panels at the NSF, NIH and DoD. He is a founding associate-editor of a new journal – Bioelectricity.

April 3-6, 2019 CARE is a Gold sponsor for this event. The 2019 Society For Biomaterials annual meeting will be a “pinnacle” of biomaterials innovation and excellence to educate, learn, and collaborate across various scientific disciplines including materials science, biology, engineering and medicine for improving human health.
April 23, 2019 The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering will host Yonghui Ding who will discuss his work in the design and manufacturing of hydrogels for engineering vascular tissue models.
MARCH 24-25, 2019   The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering is a President's Circle Sponsor at this year's AIMBE annual conference. This conference is the only Biomedical Engineering Conference combining scientific lectures with public policy discussions.
NOVEMBER 25-30, 2018   CARE was a key sponsor to this event.  This forum provided a window into the future of materials science, and offered an opportunity for researchers—from students and postdoctoral fellows, to Nobel and Kavli Prize Laureates—to exchange technical information and network with colleagues.
OCTOBER 27-28, 2018   Guillermo Ameer Co-Chaired this year's Regenerative Engineering Society's symposium at the AIChE annual event. This event covered a range of topics on regenerative engineering including Urological, Soft Tissue, Musculoskeletal, and Cardiovascular regenerative engineering. View Event Flyer

May 31, 2018  Guillermo Ameer launched his new research center, The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering (CARE). CARE’s inaugural symposium embraced the center’s goals and collaborative spirit by examining the convergence of engineering, life sciences, and translational medicine to transform patient care. More than 200 attendees, including graduate students, post-docs, physicians, faculty from the life sciences and engineering, and industry representatives heard from leaders in research areas foundational to regenerative engineering.
Event Program Here

April 11-14, 2018  CARE sponsored this event which acted as a “nexus” to further opportunities for collaboration across diverse scientific disciplines, from biology and material science, to chemistry, physics, medicine and engineering. This interdisciplinary gathering was a critical pathway to identifying issues with current technologies, and for translating academic research to clinical practice.
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