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Skin Publications

Copper Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles Stabilized with Folic Acid Improve Wound Healing in Diabetes. J. Xiao, Y. Zhu, S. Huddleston, P. Li, B. Xiao, O. Farha, and G.A. Ameer. ACS Nano 2018, In press.

A Cooperative Copper Metal–Organic Framework-Hydrogel System Improves Wound Healing in Diabetes. J. Xiao, S. Chen, J. Yi, H.F. Zhang and G.A. Ameer. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 27, 160487

Sustained release of stromal cell derived factor-1 from an antioxidant thermoresponsive hydrogel enhances dermal wound healing in diabetes. Y. Zhu, R. Hoshi, S. Chen, J. Yi, C. Duan, R.D. Galiano, H.F. Zhang and G.A. Ameer. J. Control. Release 2016, 238(28), pp 114-122

Topical delivery of siRNA-based spherical nucleic acid nanoparticle conjugates for gene regulation. Dan Zheng, David A. Giljohann, David L. Chen, Matthew D. Massich, Xiao-Qi Wang, Hristo Iordanov, Chad A. Mirkin and Amy S. Paller. PNAS 2012 July, 109 (30) 11975-11980. 

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