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The CURE Club

The Competition for Undergraduate Regenerative Engineering (CURE) Club

This is a student-run organization whose mission is to challenge the innovation and technical skills of student interdisciplinary teams to tackle medical problems or challenges using regenerative engineering solutions.

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CURE Members


Alex Beres

Alex is a first-year studying biomedical engineering. He is interested in applying computational and analytical methods to the study of the immune system and infectious diseases. Alex is a member of the Leonard Lab where he is working on analyzing synthetic transcriptional machinery for synthetic biology applications. He is also a member of the exec board of BMES at Northwestern. Outside of academics, Alex enjoys coding, reading, running, and traveling!

Elizabeth Campisi

Elizabeth Campisi

Elizabeth is a second-year student studying biomedical engineering. She is excited to begin research at the Rogers Lab regarding the creation of temperature switchable adhesives. She also volunteers for Roberti Community House, enjoys writing music for Northwestern's Seesaw Theater, and is involved with Northwestern's Best Buddies program.



Priya Dave

Priya Dave

Priya is second-year studying biomedical engineering and this is her first year with CURE.





Joel Goh

Joel Goh

Biomedical Engineering






Youssef Ibrahim

Youssef Ibrahim

Youssef is a second-year majoring in biomedical engineering, minoring in computer science, and is especially interested in biomaterials and regenerative engineering, with a minor in CS. At CURE, he is currently working at studying the therapeutic effects of Bioactive glass in wound healing. He also enjoys learning about new cultures, swimming, and doing outdoor activities.



Susan JeonSusan Jeon, Project Manager, CURE Club

 Biology major/ Spanish minor





Ethan LaneEthan Lane   

Ethan is a second-year studying chemical engineering with a minor in biotechnology and biochemical engineering. He works as a research assistant for the Richards Colloids and Soft Matter Laboratory. He is currently studying using hydrogel matrices to regenerate tissues in diabetic wounds. He enjoys running with the Northwestern Track Club.



 Lindsay LipschultzLindsay Lipschultz    

Lindsay is a fourth-year student studying biomedical engineering with a cooperative certificate from her work at Hollister Incorporated. She has also worked as an undergraduate researcher in the John Rogers lab studying the use of wireless, wearable sensors to measure hydration levels of skin. She is interested in furthering medicine with biotechnology and enjoys graphic design, drawing, and spending time at the lakefill.


 Serena LyouSerena Lyou    

Serena is a second-year double majoring in biomedical engineering and neuroscience with interests in neural engineering to study neurological diseases. She's excited to explore research outside of neural engineering by studying wound healing. Outside of academics, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, and spending time with friends.



Katelynn NguyenKatelynn Nguyen    

Katelynn is a second-year studying biomedical engineering. She is currently working as a laboratory aide at Andersen Lab.




Aashna PatelAashna Patel, Communications Director, CURE Club    

Aashna is a second-year student studying biomedical engineering and global health. She is also involved in UNITY, SWE, and SASA on campus.





Emma Rens, President, CURE ClubEmma Rens    

Emma is a second-year student studying biomedical engineering and is interested in studying artificial organs. In her free time, she enjoys running, biking, hiking, and experimenting with new dessert recipes.




Palak Shah, Vice President, CURE ClubPalak Shah    

Palak is a second-year student studying computational biology with a minor in data science on the pre-med track. She has previously worked as a research assistant for the Ozkan lab at Arizona State University, working on computationally designing a novel protein for HIV detection. She is excited to gain hands-on research experience with wound healing. In her free time, she loves to play guitar, write songs, and run by the lake!


Christopher Woodard

Christopher Woodard

Christopher is a second-year student studying biomedical engineering and global health studies. To pursue his global health interest, Christopher is interning with GlobeMed for the 2021 summer, and he is currently involved in the Hartmann Lab at Northwestern as a research assistant. In his free time, he likes to code and dance outside of school.



Kevin Xian

Kevin Xian

Kevin is a second-year pre-medical student studying neuroscience. He has worked as a research assistant for the Christine Lovly lab at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He enjoys playing club tennis, ultimate frisbee, piano, and guitar.




CURE Alumni

                  Taylor Brown

                  Kate Chambers

                  Nora Chambers

                  Catherine Chen

                   Kira Jeffris

                   Eric Li

                   Ramon Neira

                   Olivia Prado

                   Tristan Svoboda



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